One of the great reasons for using wraps for babywearing is the flexibility of using different carries for different situations.

This is a non-exhaustive list of carries.

  • BCC – Back Cross Carry
  • BWCC – Back Wrap Cross Carry
  • CHCC – Coolest Hip Cross Carry
  • FCC – Front Cross Carry
  • FFI – Front Facing In
  • FFO – Front Facing Out
  • FWCC – Front Wrap Cross Carry
  • HCC – Hip cross Carry
  • JBC – Jordan’s Back Carry
  • PHC – Poppin’s Hip Carry
  • PWCC – Pocket Wrap Cross Carry/Pretied Wrap Cross Carry
  • RRRR – Reinforced rear rebozo ruck
  • RUB – Ruck under bum
  • SHBC – Secure High Back Carry

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